The Piggy Project in the Jakarta Post

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Jakarta Post 2014-02-13

Gede and the Piggy Project in the Jakarta Post

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from CPF

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

One Village, One Teacher

Cempaka Putih Foundation English Program

Kids After Class in Songan Village

Cempaka Putih Foundation is looking for sponsors for our “Satu Desa, Satu Guru,” or “One Village, One Teacher” English Program!

It is our goal to hire one permanent local English teacher, to guide classes and work with native English speaking volunteers  for each of the 72 villages in the Bangli regency.

By reaching out to each village, we hope to give as many children as possible a chance to learn the language skills they need for a brighter future.

We are looking for 72 individual, group, or corporate sponsors,  to each fund one teacher, at 9,600,000 IDR per year. (Approximately $850 USD at the current exchange rate).

We are open to suggestions, and would love to talk to any interested sponsors, coordinators, and/or volunteers

Please use our Contact Form to get in touch with Gede, or call him directly at +62-818-552669, for more information.

Rumah Belajar Scott Thompson!

Opening Ceremony

Gede Speaks the the Opening Ceremony for the New
Scott Thompson Rumah Belajar

Thank you YCAB and Berlari Terus for your support and cooperation in getting the Rumah Belejar Scott Thomsom program for computer learning up and running in Toya Bunkah!

See more photos from the opening ceremony on our facebook page.

Classes Kick Off Again!

Gede provides the children with new toothbrushes and school books 

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to attend one of Gede’s classes which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve taught in a classroom in Bali previously, and after meeting Gede a few months back and hearing about CPF I knew I had to see it for myself!

I’ve been with Gede to Kintamani and some of the surrounding villages before. The place itself is breathtaking. Cresting the ridge of the caldera (rim) surrounding Batur is one of those moments forever imprinted in my mind. A massive valley floor punctuated by blackened lava flows, forests, villages and the aqua blue water of Lake Batur. In the centre stands Mt Batur, an active volcano that dominates the landscape.

Descending the caldera into the valley you start to get a sense of the issues here. At this time of year things are dry. Very dry. Dust kicks up from the wind and vehicles and despite the cooler climate the sun beats down fiercely (I have the sunburn to prove it!).

Arriving at the school we are greeted by 18 smiling faces who rush to the balcony to see who is coming today. These are children, some of whom have walked many miles, who absolutely embrace any opportunity to learn. The ones in public schools have given up their Sundays to be here.

After introductions we begin class and I can see the results of what CPF has provided to the children previously. Children as young as 4 and 5 years old can count in more languages than I can! They relish the chance to ask questions and new words and sentences are written into their books without prompting from us.

At the end of the lesson Gede provides the children with presents. Toothbrushes and school books. The excitement and appreciation in the room was amazing. I’ve seen less excitement from people winning a car! That’s the striking thing about the people of this region. The thankfulness and enthusiasm to learn and develop skills that will hopefully change their lives in a positive way.

All too soon it’s time to finish for the day and before the kids head home they politely shake our hands and say thank you. One child asks Gede whether I’ll be back next week? Of course I will!

Between a Rock and a Hard Place…

We realize we’ve been a bit behind on updates, since we lost our wonderful Dewald Haynes to Jakarta! We hope to have him back for a visit soon, and perhaps he can be persuaded to write some stories for us. In the meantime, Gede is still working hard to improve conditions in the Mountain, and greatly appreciates all of your continued support.

He has asked that we all take a little time to read this Jakarta Post article, by Trisha Santori regarding illegal mining of volcanic rock in Mount Batur. The Mount Batur Geopark is priceless natural treasure, and we feel that it is imperative to conserve the area for the benefit of area residents, and for visitors who are interested in the amazing volcanic geography.

We are open to ideas! Please use comments to discuss how we can preserve this treasure for future generations.

Watch Gede’s TEDx Ubud Speech!

Recorded at TEDxUbud on May 6th, 2011, at Gaya Fusion.

Up to now & Up to you!

Hands up and jump for joy!


Recently I had the privilege to spend some time on the island of the gods – Bali! As always, no visit would be complete without catching up with Gede, and talking about the Cempaka Putih Foundation’s important work to liberate the people of the poverty stricken Bangli region, through education, micro business development, housing and fundraising projects.

Up to now, much work has been done for which I have to commend Gede and his volunteers: The weekly supper club, sponsored by Paul and Hannah Paine, managed to raise much needed funds and awareness in the expatriate community of Ubud.  While patrons at Warung Wild Ginger feasted on the filling culinary decadence and comfort of South African cuisine, Hannah enjoyed sharing her talents and love for cooking and entertaining, while supporting a good cause.  We all await the return of this inspiring couple who opened their big hearts and gave so generously.

Hannah's Supper Club!


Furthermore, and by invitation, Gede had the daunting task to deliver a speech at the Tedex conference held in Ubud. It’s certainly easier to do the job than to talk about doing it! Besides his apprehensiveness and modesty, he was able to talk the talk, as he certainly walks the walk as well. Passion and compassion are the two main ingredients needed to bring relief and growth, and move towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. His message and mission, I believe, harvested new supporters for the foundation, which will insure the survival and success of our ongoing and future projects.

Speaking of the future, Gede’s dream is to raise funds and build a school. Unfortunately the classrooms of the local school in Bangli are no longer available for the English Learning program. Gede has temporarily turned his own restaurant into a classroom for the children to get their weekly English lesson. However, a new community building would be far better suited to the task. With support and donations it is not such a farfetched idea at all. What he really needs is an investor or some fundraising genius to come up with a concept that can materialize this vision of our own school building. Anybody reading this who feels they can contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us and make a difference in the world today.
I also had time to give the angels of Kintamani an English lesson. Playing games and combining a few origami tricks, I entertained and educated them while having fun, as two hours flew by. I only regret not personally meeting up with Hazel, from Scotland, who unselfishly volunteers her services as an educator on Sundays. The students are really improving and also enjoy her Scottish accent and cheerful attitude.

Gede delivering his speach.

As I flew back to Jakarta, the city where I now reside, I realized that life is really up to you. “Up to you” is an expression you often hear in Indonesia.  If you want to go somewhere, or do something or change something it is really up to you. Up to now the Cempaka Putih foundation has achieved a lot, what highlights it will reach in its core mission to eradicate poverty is also truly up to me and up to you. Please open you heart and be a part of something small that can grow to make a big difference too many people including yourself…

Hannah’s International Cuisine Supper Club

Hannah's Supper Club

Hannah, Putting Out the Spread

It’s that time again, and Hannah and Paul of South Africa are preparing a feast! Partially for fun, and partially to bring us all together to raise awareness of CPF projects and goals, Hannah’s International Cuisine supper club is fast becoming a bi-weekly tradition at Wild Ginger in Ubud.

This is a fantastic opportunity to have some excellent international cuisine, and talk to Gede personally about what it is, exactly, CPF does!

Don’t miss it! This Saturday, April 9th 2011.

Rp. 80,000 per person, drinks not included.

RSVP on facebook by noon on Friday!

Hannah’s South African Cuisine Supper Club!

If you missed the last one, you’ve got another chance! Great food, good company, and a good cause!

Second Meeting of Hannah’s South African Cuisine Supper Club!

Wild Ginger Warung
Jl Jero Gadung (lane next to Burritos).

Sat 29 Jan @ 6.30 pm.
Rp 80,000 for 3 course meal.
(Drinks Not Included)
Please rsvp before noon this Friday.
Limited seats available.
Proceeds benefit the Cempaka Putih Foundation.

Project Manager Needed!
We are looking for one or more dedicated individuals to help us run and administrate the Cempaka Putih Foundation. If you have experience in non-profit management, and think you can help, please contact us!
Needed Now!

Office Supplies & Furniture
Computers * Telephones
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Volunteers * Cash

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