Gede Visits With Two Brothers Receiving Care for Congenital Psoriasis

Gede Visits With Two Brothers Receiving Care for Congenital Psoriasis

Cempaka Putih Foundation was founded in 2007 by I Gede Mangun, upon the great need of the remote villages around his home town of Songan Village, Kintamani, Bangli – Bali. Gede has always placed great value in education, and it has always been his dream to bring greater education and opportunities to the people of the arid central mountain region of Bali. Nonetheless, while classrooms and schooling are a focus, obviously basic sustenance, shelter, and medicine are the first steps to rising out of poverty.

CPF projects include the collection of clothing for impoverished families in the area, collection for medical treatment and transportation for many people in the area afflicted with serious hereditary illnesses (many of whom must be carried great distances from their homes to reach paved roads) collecting building supplies and organizing volunteers for much needed housing and community buildings, and seeking cooperation with other organizations to provide first aid, medical counseling, and basic health education. In addition, most Sundays, CPF hosts a volunteer run English language program in conjunction with a village primary school.

As a native of the area, Gede had often been asked, informally, to lend a helping hand to families facing hardship. Many people in the remote areas of the Bangli regency suffer from severe congenital disorders, have no access to medicine, sustainable food sources, and adequate water supplies. He soon realized that the need around him far exceeded his capabilities as an individual. So with the help and support of his friends and neighbors, Cempaka Putih Foundation was born.

While there are several non-government organizations active in Bali, the remote mountain region can be difficult to reach. So, the primary focus of the Cempaka Putih Foundation, at this time, is as a grass roots effort to organize volunteers, medical volunteers, donations, and any other support available, to help the residents of the area to work together in the fight against poverty and disease.

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